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Customized services for internationalization on the German-speaking and Italian markets

Customized services for internationalization on the German-speaking and Italian markets

Thanks to many years of experience with projects of internationalization through regular collaborations with the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture, we are able to offer various forms of personalized services in order to internationalize your business and assist it in entering German-speaking markets such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the Italian market. In the following you find a description of the services we offer to companies which strive to enter international markets or reinforce their standing on these.


Research activities through web engines, associations of the sector, trade fairs and specialized press. Identification of German, Italian and other foreign competitors on the market.

Short description in your language and specific information on the competitors, as for example: web, similar products and services, number and type of trade partners, show room, sales outlet, local representation and references.

First list of specialized distributors, commercial agencies and agents. In this phase we also identify unknown alternatives on the domestic market.

Database of potential clients. Each company is provided detailed information on potential clients. Studying the websites and specific documents about their products/services makes it possible for us to elaborate the research and obtain proper results.

Particular and thorough research on the market situation and market trends through the study of articles in the specialized press and integrating results from social media and web investigations.


Creation of a company profile in the target country’s language (probably German or Italian) in PDF format, which emphasizes your company’s strengths and professionalism and at the same time points out your target sector in the target country.

Composition of a personalized letter complementary with the company profile which contains a detailed description of the offer.

Complete website in German, Italian or English: A basic instrument which is indispensable for the acquisition of partners/clients and sales, but especially for the brand to gain recognition on an international level.

Detailed and complete compilation of material which describes company, products and services offered.

Schedules of the single products, catalogues and price sheets in German or Italian language (depending on your target) facilitate the activity of acquiring potential clients on all levels.

Audio-translation and subtitles for already existing videos.

Examples of company profiles and catalogues of our previous clients and projects:

For the whole process of acquisition our offices in Berlin and Rome (depending on your target market) will be at your service and handle the incoming requests from potentially interested clients.
Our team will always stay in contact with your domestic office and serve as bilingual secretary, forwarding and translating each request in professional manner and with attention to your commercial objectives.

Our employees operate in three languages on business level and are specialized in collecting and selecting information and requests regarding B2B and internationalization. For each bargain they prepare clear and useful reports for the decision makers of your business incorporated in the request.

Your brand, your products and your services in the specialized press. We choose the best magazines, web applications, blogs and social media channels on the target market and elaborate professional information material on your products/services to support your company’s market entry. Furthermore we contact the editorial offices, negotiate publications and support you during interviews in German or Italian language.

After identifying and selecting suitable contacts from our broad database – by reference to the criteria defined in the first phase (market analysis) – the following activities of telephone marketing take place during the whole project period:

  • Amplification of the database
  • First call
  • Mailing of information material
  • Telephonic follow-up
  • Mediation between client and potential buyer

In addition to “traditional” advertising and sales strategies as well as offline market research, further potential clients and business partners can be approached through web marketing.

This includes the improvement of positioning and marketing in respective search engines, pay-per-click, banner campaigns, article marketing, DEM and newsletter, plus the maintenance of social media

The company website as a platform for e-commerce and the promotion of your brand as well as the release of product/service catalogues.

The success of the market entry activities is subject to the analysis of page impressions, search engine optimization, the intelligent administration of results and adaptation of applied strategies. The products/services will be advertised and merchandized via e-mail and social media.

Adaptation and elaboration of the standard form in the target country’s language, for both interviews of particular persons and anonymous surveys. The target is defined regarding the previous analysis and your objectives; then the survey will be conducted with selected contacts from our internal data base, so that we can create a representative study of the sector.

The surveys will be conducted showing our phone number as well as in anonymous ways. Afterwards we translate the results into English, German or Italian and compile an instructive final report including analyses of the ascertained data. In total there will be around 30 interviews.

Implementation of a direct marketing campaign addressing the target contacts defined in previous phases. After an initial contact and the submission of information material via e-mail, the contacted companies, if interested, are offered a business meeting with you in their own headquarters in order to discuss a potential collaboration. Contacting important responsible persons working for the companies, we can guarantee binding promises or refusals.


After receiving the company profiles we arrange appointments with potential clients/partners in their own headquarters, so the ideal business partners and clients can be assessed easily and a potential collaboration can be discussed personally. Minimizing distances and hours will help to make best use of this business trip.

Cram course on how to interact with Italian or German business people to optimize the results of the organized business meetings. That way doing business won’t be obstructed by intercultural differences and the conversation can be held in a professional manner.

We always try to arrange the colloquies in English language. If the dialogue partner prefers to talk in his own (the target country’s) language, we either hire the best value local interpreter or send a skilled SBS collaborator to accompany the delegation and represent your business in the target country’s language.


Chances for a market entry and potential results of our operative marketing activities might be your participation in public tenders or making offers to the target businesses encountered in previous meetings. In consultation with your company’s responsible persons we handle these tasks and translate your offers, check deadlines etc.

Right after the end of the business trip to the target country, the follow-up begins, which aims at staying in contact with interested potential clients and embrace eventual future business opportunities. We re-establish contact with the interested companies as well as with those who have not yet given a final response regarding a potential collaboration.

Our database is grounded on the program Microsoft Access. The existing contacts are frequently updated and extended and the results of each phone call with your company’s responsible person noted.

This option is not included in the standard offer, but a cost estimate can be requested. It includes all data and files collected concerning the database and potential clients. Meanwhile the standard offer allows for the export of all data in excel format, so you can use the data for future sales and promotion activities.


Support and consulting of your sales department with the generation of offers and contracts. With another quotation we also provide the services of two experienced law experts for handling legal issues and questions that could appear on the new international affairs.

Even after finishing the final report we support you by encouraging strategic partnerships in order to render possible new business opportunities.

In order to enhance the awareness for your brand and product/service on the target market, we organize events directed towards so-called “multiplicators” and final clients.

We support you with the selection of suitable trade fairs, with the preparation and performance of trade-fair appearances and with the selection of suitable personnel for the linguistic and technical mediation at the exhibition stand.

Our competences also include the organization of workshops for presenting your product (e.g. tastings) and inviting potential buyers. This service can be included in the follow-up, too.

By cooperating with professional partners on the target market, the promotional activities can be easily coordinated. Therefore we provide communication material in the target language and supervise the project development and its results.

Assistance with the acquisition of future partners for the intelligent management of corporate identity (Corporate Management).

Monitoring of the partners’ activities (corporate image, prices, sales strategies, knowledge of products/services, etc.).

Organization of courses and trainings for trade/sales partners: Advanced training in the realm of communication strategies for an optimized application of the products/services offered and for the improvement of sales activities.

Outline and execution of marketing events on the target market, among others: trade fairs, workshops and „unconventional“ marketing-events.

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Market Entry & Business Development

Individual market analysis
Market analysis for branches and sectors
spotting of public support  measures
Business partner connection
Organization of business meetings
Intercultural support
Personnel recruiting


International Projekt Management

Complete project planning and realization
Event management
International Networking
Organization and realization of delegation trips
Intercultural und international communications support
Fair organization


Integrated marketing communications

Direct marketing
Web communication
Graphic design and advertising
Press work


Services of our partners

International personnel developmet
Tax counseling 













Become our partner

We, SBS systems for business solutions, are a private enterprise, specialized in consulting and international project management. We apply cross-cultural thinking and custom-made solutions that overcome intercultural borders to find the right contacts for our clients in the most emerging and attractive markets. Our headquarters are based in Rome, Italy and our German office in Berlin, with multilingual personnel (project managers as well as marketing collaborators).

As can be seen from our list of projects of the last years, we work worldwide and cross-sectorialSince 2006 we have been realizing around 60 projects on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in countries such as Italy, China, Colombia, USA, Nigeria, Morocco, Bolivia, Korea, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and many more, ranging from sectors of Transport/Smart Mobility, Automotive to Machinery sector to Health Care, ICT or Food.

At the same time we consult and assist Italian companies entering foreign, and especially the German-speaking, markets, on behalf of Confindustria Bergamo, the General Confederation of Italian Industry.

For our line of work finding the best partner in the target country is essential. Mostly we work together withconsulting companies specialized on market entry like ourselves, which support us in various tasks and phases of the projects. We have gained a lot of experience already, but add new countries and sectors almost every year to our port-folio, thus facing new challenges and adventures. Hence, we are frequently looking for like-minded partners all over the world for a potential cooperation in the future.

What we are looking for

  • We are looking for partners all over the world, that are able to support us with the organization of the following tasks or have new input and inspiration for our international work:
  • Market studies
  • B2B-meetings
  • Country briefings, presentation seminars and technical visits for international companies during delegation trips
  • Venues, technology, catering and transportation
  • Expert speakers for events about specific sectors/countries
  • Translation and printing of information material

Benefits for your company

  • A Budget for your classic operational work
  • German/Italian participants could be your future clients
  • The opportunity for developing business with and towards new markets, especially D-A-CH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) and Italy with SBS
  • The acquisition of know-how from SBS: we have gained experience in business internationalization from Germany and Italy towards worldwide countries since 1999
  • The acquisition of potentially new skills from SBS: e.g. web marketing, integrated marketing communications such as online and offline delegation catalogues or websites, sophisticated new techniques for direct marketin
  • The featuring on our approved business portal as well as in our partner list
  • Depending on the project your company’s client list will potentially be enriched by a German Institution (Federal Ministry)

Do you want to collaborate?

Before starting a new project, we choose the best partner in the target country. If you are interested in a collaboration, please send your company profile, a list of your latest international projects (we also appreciate CVs of your employees) to:

SBS systems for business solutions

Ms Miriam Achenbach
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
​Info number: +39 06 39 03 11 90



With the following projects the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) support German companies in their export activities. The aim is to explore market opportunities, long-term sales potentials and export possibilities for suppliers of products, technologies and services "Made in Germany". The complete information, e.g. detailed programs of the business trips, the info brochures, participant lists and the respective target market information can be found below.

The dynamic consulting company with German-Italian roots

SBS systems for business solutions Soc. Coop. is a private enterprise, specialized in consulting and international project management. SBS applies cross-cultural thinking, and custom-made solutions that overcome intercultural borders to find the right partners in the most emerging and attractive markets. We have got our head office in Rome, Italy and an office in Berlin, Germany, both offices equipped by multilingual personnel, project managers as well as marketing collaborators. In 2015 we founded the SBS systems for business solutions GmbH in Munich, Germany to give support to German companies.


International Project Management

With our strong strategic position with our offices in Berlin and Rome since 1999 SBS is successfully developing, planning and realizing international projects, workshops, events and B2B-meetings as well as individual strategies for market entries and coordinating international teams.

We are intercultural

We are a team of highly-skilled project managers with multinational backgrounds. Professionalism and a sensible approach and familiarity with cultural diversity, experience in handling and communicating within different cultures are important elements of our company philosophy.




Since 2006 we did project management for more than 30 projects on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Israeli Ministry for Industry, Trade and Labor as well as the “German-French Initiative for Cross-border Construction”, mainly for SMEs.



Networking and Innovation

SBS has built up a network of companies, associations and political representations which developed through years of cooperative work of different kinds and fastened and expand thanks to continuous efforts and activity.



Operative work

Addressing the right contacts via direct marketing our marketing operators get in touch with decision makers. Year by year our data base grows and currently counts to of more than 25,000 companies.



We offer professional consulting regarding all business levels meeting the needs of our clients in finding adequate business partners in the target markets.

Our Team

Stefano Candia

Stefano Candia

CEO & Founder

Stefano Candia

CEO & Founder

Mr. Candia founded SBS in 1999 and has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company ever since. He is responsible for the global management and coordination of all the projects carried out by SBS. Thanks to his long years of practical experience, he successfully advises German and Italian companies on how to enter foreign markets.

Dr. Marcos M. Maillmann

Dr. Marcos M. Maillmann

CFO & Founder

Dr. Marcos M. Maillmann

CFO & Founder
marcos maillmann

Dr. Maillmann is one of the managing directors of SBS. He operates as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and is responsible for the personnel management of the company. He is specialised in international tax law with a focus on intra-Community taxation and is fluent in German, English and Italian.

Thomas Nytsch

Thomas Nytsch

Senior Project Manager and Partner, Berlin

Thomas Nytsch

Senior Project Manager and Partner, Berlin
Mr. Nytsch has been working for SBS since 2007. He is primarily responsible for the partner relationship management and for the public relations activities of SBS. He is head of the Berlin office, in which he conducts projects carried out on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).
Miriam Achenbach

Miriam Achenbach

Senior Project Manager and Partner, Rome

Miriam Achenbach

Senior Project Manager and Partner, Rome
Ms. Achenbach joined SBS in 2005 and is responsible for the projects carried out on behalf of the BMWi as well as for applications to national and international tenders. Ms. Achenbach is also responsible for the coordination and execution of international funding projects for the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).
Raphael Kroll

Raphael Kroll

Project Manager, Berlin

Raphael Kroll

Project Manager, Berlin
Mr. Kroll has worked at SBS since 2015 and is primarily responsible for the cooperation with specialist partners and multipliers. He is one of the key account managers and Mr. Nytsch's deputy in the Berlin office. Within the scope of the BMWi export promotion projects, Mr. Kroll is especially responsible for the South American market.
Kim Hohdorf

Kim Hohdorf

Project Manager, Rome

Kim Hohdorf

Project Manager, Rome
kim hohdorf
Ms Hohdorf is responsible at SBS for the organisation and implementation of export promotion projects on behalf of both BMWi and BMEL. As communications scientist, she is also responsible for corporate and project communications as well as social media activities at SBS.
Alessandra Baldoni

Alessandra Baldoni

Employee International Marketing, Rome

Alessandra Baldoni

Employee International Marketing, Rome

Ms Baldoni works for SBS as an international marketing employee. Born in Italy, she has lived in Germany for many years. At SBS, she focuses on advising and supporting German SMEs interested in export promotion projects carried out on behalf of BMWi, as well as assisting Italian companies interested in the D-A-CH market.